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Cross Ocean has international container shipping (FCL) as its core business. As an industry-leading Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), FCL services cover all major shipping routes. Cross Ocean has long-term, reliable collaborations with many shipping companies. With its competitive prices and guarantee for shipping space, it enables its customers to enjoy comprehensive container logistics solutions. With close collaborations with many ship companies and ports, Cross Ocean International Logistics provides extensive options for shipping schedules, comprehensive global FCL service packages, and customized, reliable, flexible one-stop solutions for both transportation (inland towing, barge connections, water-water combined transportation, sea-air combined transportation) and services (custom clearance, devanning, loading, EXWORK, DDP, DDU) for our customers.

Standard Containers

Standard containers are the most common and the most popular. Their sizes are either 20 feet or 40 feet, the former having an interior length, width, and height of 5.89 meters, 2.35 meters, and 2.39 meters, and the latter at 12.03 meters, 2.35 meters, and 2.39 meters, respectively. Standard containers have a volume of 33.2 cubic meters or 67.7 cubic meters.

Special Containers

A High Cube Container (HQ)

A high cube container is taller than a standard container. With a height of 2.69 meters, the HQ container is 30 centimeters taller than the standard one. HQ containers are 20 feet or 40 feet, the former having an interior length, width, and height of 5.89 meters, 2.35 meters, and 2.69 meters, and the latter at 12.03 meters, 2.35 meters, and 2.69 meters, respectively. HQ containers have a volume of 37.4 cubic meters or 76.4 cubic meters.

B Open Top Container (OT)

This is a type of container that does not have a rigid top, but has a top made of canvas, plastic sheet or plastic coated fabric supported by a collapsible or foldable beam.

This type of container is suitable for loading ultra-high, large goods and heavy goods, such as steel, large materials, equipment, etc., especially heavy fragile goods such as glass panels, etc., by using a crane to lift and load from the top of the container, which is unlikely to damage the goods and makes it easier to secure the goods in the container.

C Flat Rack Container (FR)

This type of container does not have a top, nor side walls, nor end walls. It only has a bottom and four corner posts. This kind of container can be loaded and unloaded from the front and back, left and right, and above, suitable for loading long, large and heavy cargo, such as heavy machinery, steel, steel pipe, timber, steel ingots and so on.

FR containers are not watertight. Goods that shouldn't get wet cannot be shipped by this type of container, or they should be covered with canvas and reinforced as required after being loaded onto a FR container. The length and width of the floor of an FR container is the same as that of a standard container, but the floor of this type of container is 60 centimeters thick, so a FR container carries more weight.

D Reffer Container (RF)

Reffer Container: In international practice, an RF container appears to be white, which is designed based on the principle that black color absorbs heat while white color helps to keep a constant temperature.

E Tank Container (TK)

TKs are also known as liquid containers. They are specially made for the transportation of liquid goods such as food, medicines, and chemicals.

A tank container has a structure consisting of a metal frame in which a liquid tank is fixed. It consists of the tank and the box frame. The cargo enters through the loading hole at the top of the tank during loading and flows out through the discharge hole or is suctioned out from the loading hole at the top during unloading.


F Garments on Hangers (GOH)

As the name suggests, a GOH is specially designed for hanging garments. The upper beams in this container have many crossbeams, each of which has a number of knotted leather or nylon strings or ropes. With the hooks on the hangers, the garments can be directly hanged on the knots or ropes.


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