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In addition to FCL and LCL services, Cross Ocean also provides BBK, RO-RO and OOG forwarding services.

By integrating the advantageous resources of shipowners, Cross Ocean provides customized solutions for breakbulk, automotive, machinery, and oversized cargo for various industries. We work closely with domestic and foreign shipowners and ports to provide you with sea freight forwarding services for liquid bulk, dry bulk, general cargo, fully assembled vehicle, oversized engineering equipment, and other cargoes.

Bulk carriers:It is a kind of ship specially used to transport bulk cargoes, such as wheat, grain, ore, and other bulk cargoes. An ordinary bulk carrier carries cargoes of great tonnage, usually more than 50,000 tons. Bulk carriers of smaller sizes will phase out gradually because of their costs.

Roll-on/Roll-off Ships:It is a kind of special ship designed for loading automobiles and machinery. It has multiple-level decks inside, and each level can carry cargoes. However, due to its structure and design principles, this kind of ship has very poor resistance to sinking and low stability, and very high design standards. It is suitable for loading high value-added cargoes, such as automobiles. Because it has gates at the tail end and front for loading and unloading cargoes, it is known as the RORO ship.

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